Loyalty Services

Award winning, hassle free loyalty program for any merchant

Keep them coming back with Frii – Loyalty Reinvented. A simple and effective loyalty platform that rewards customers automatically and provides valuable insights into spending behaviours.

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Features of POSmart's Loyalty Program

Digital loyalty enables businesses to incentivise repeat trade by tracking spending and delivering targeted rewards. Frii – Loyalty einvented is an open access platform for any merchant to offer a swipe card and mobile loyalty service as well as any large high street retailer.

Automated Rewards

Customers pick rewards and redeem automatically when they have earned enough.

Standard & Branded Codes

Pick from our standard range of Frii cards or brand one for your business.

Discounts That You Control

Select the appropriate level of reward to suit your business and customers.

Closed or Open Loop

Frii Loyalty can be combined across merchants or limited to a specific store.

User Account App

A quick and convenient app for customers to manage their account and redemptions.

User Portal on Your Site

Allow customers to manage their loyalty account from within your own website.

Earn Commission

Merchants earn commission when cards that they issue are used elsewhere.

Data Analytics

An online portal provides statistics and information about your customers spending behaviour.

Why use POSmart Loyalty?

Everyone like’s to feel special. Today’s consumers are accustomed to sharing information and feedback to receive improved service and value. Loyalty provides a simple way for businesses to engage, reward and retain customers beyond the point of sale. Contact us to find out more.