“In today’s challenging and high tech marketplace, Merchants have to be at the top of their game to capture consumer demand and attention.
We aim to assist Merchants to survive in this increasingly competitive environment.” Harry Rogers – Co-founder.

Retail Gateway was started 15 years ago born out of 30+ years knowledge and experience in the Retail and Payments sectors, to enable Merchants to access new revenue streams through products and services without the need for holding stock. We have been at the forefront of delivering new services including Mobile Topup (we are one of only six Licensed Mobile E-Topup providers in the UK), Chip & PIN payment systems, Contactless payments (NFC) and now iBeacon Mobile Couponing and Loyalty.

During this time we have witnessed the emergence of the internet, social networking and smart phones and the dramatic effect this has had on consumer spending habits and the traditional business model – what we call the digital consumer revolution.

We recognise that the change in economic climate coupled with these new trends in technology and marketing have made it increasingly difficult for merchants of all types and sizes to keep up to date, restricting them in providing competitive pricing, reducing overheads and becoming more efficient at capturing and retaining customers. Retail Gateway works with the merchant to help combat these threats and maximise the opportunities that new and future technologies are providing.

Our POSmart solution brings together a wide range of Digital Merchant Services needed to run a successful business in the 21st Century, from reducing costs of both goods and overheads to accessing the latest digital marketing tools to monitor engage and retain customers. Taking away the headache, putting you back in control and helping you to become more efficient in all aspects of business.