Welcome to POSmart.

A one-stop sales, service and supply channel toolbox for retailers

Consumers have changed and retailers must now deliver more to succeed. POSmart provides retailers easy access to the latest products and services they need to satisfy consumers and maximise revenue.

Maximise Revenue With Digital Merchant Services

POSmart enables you to purchase, promote and sell a myriad of products more efficiently.

    Payments Made Simple

  • Online, in-store, or mobile payment acceptance

  • Funds in your account within 24hrs

  • Competitive rates from a range of providers

  • Standalone POS terminals to full EPOS solutions

  • Cards, contactless and mobile payments

What is POSmart Digital Dashboard?

In years gone by retailers have had to find and maintain multiple suppliers to help them power their business. In this new world retailers will need to use their time to creating new ways to attract and engage consumers and will need to find efficiencies in procurement of goods and services.

POSmart provides a single dashboard to instantaneously connect you to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products. POSmart's digital dashboard allows you to get offers, view bills, connect to suppliers, engage brands, manage payments and most important of all connect to consumers in real-time.

POSmart Features


The latest in retail and POS technology, ready for engaging with todays digital consumers.


Combined weekly billing for all goods and services regardless of product or supplier.


Online access to your account, services and activity from any computer or tablet.


Expert help to assist with setup and ongoing maintenance 24hours day if required.


Graphs and performance charts to provide clear insight into suppliers, products and consumers.


Take advantage of unique supplier promotions across your business and also create digital promotions of your own.

What Are Digital Merchant Services?

In the time that mobile phones have gone from just making calls to connecting us to information, products and services, most merchant point of sale solutions have not changed at all.

POSmart provides a next generation POS that delivers a range of digital services at point of sale that connects retailers directly to consumers, using loyalty cards, mobile coupons and spending data.