Buying Group for Physical Products

POSmart partners can help connect you directly to brands and hundreds of distributors all over the UK.

Categories such as food service, ice cream, frozen, chilled, bread, milk, in-store bakery and healthy foods are all readily accessible.

It is essential to get the right services levels, extended credit, great discounts and most importantly a friendly dedicated team ready to assist you when you need us.


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Features of POSmart's Buying Group Services

Being business owners ourselves we know how much time it takes to deal with all your suppliers. Keeping up with 1000’s of products, numerous price lists, bundles of invoices and credit notes and the worst of all lots of induvial direct debits. So, we have teamed up with one of UK oldest buying groups called Helperton, who help and support you by becoming a single supplier for all your buying. Once you become a POSmart customer you are instantly connected 100’s of suppliers and are ready to order at buying group prices and take advantage of the 30 days free credit facility.

One Invoice

Why reconcile 20 statements when you can simply put every on one bill

Competitive Pricing

Use our buying power to get the best rates on a range of products

Friendly Team

Our team are dedicated to helping and supporting you

Complete Product Suite

A one stop solution for all your ordering and support

Digital Access to Offers

Use our digital toolbox to see all your special offers in real-time

National Supplies

Tap into large companies that cover the whole of the UK

Local Suppliers

Take advantage of local suppliers unique products and services

Extended Credit

All members receive 30 days interest free credit account from day 1

Why use POSmart for Your Physical Products?

It is essential to have all your information regarding your purchasing at hand. The POSmart digital dashboard stores all your special offers pricing, invoices, credit notes and payments in one place so you are just a few clicks away from everything anytime day or night.