Digital Couponing

Join the digital coupon revolution

Looking to attract new customers, upsell or promote new products? Create a campaign, set the terms of the offer and distribute effortlessly via email and social media. Consumers can store and present your coupons on their mobile device for secure validation by your POSmart terminal. You can even track your digital coupon activity to see how successful your campaign has been.


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Features of POSmart's Digital Couponing Services

Couponing is a great way to incentivise consumers, but paper coupons are easily copied, difficult to trace and impossible to modify once sent out there. With our digital coupons, you can control what you are offering, who you are offering it to, and add terms such as where and when they can be redeemed. You can even amend a coupon after it has been distributed. Even better, distribution is instant and you gain valuable metrics such as how many people viewed or liked your offer and how long did it take them to redeem it.

For years, big businesses and brands have been exploiting this information to gain a major advantage. POSmart has made these tools available to all businesses.


Create bespoke digital coupons


Control who can redeem and when


Distribute via email, social media and mobile devices


Online campaign manager


Redeem securely via your POS device

Wide Reaching

Take part in national brand promotions

Why use POSmart Dashboard for Digital Coupons?

The POSmart dashboard is where you create, control and analyse your campaigns. The data provided by digital coupons allows you to monitor your campaigns in real time and respond dynamically to feedback.